Many individuals suffer from hoarding, which involves collecting numerous items, often of little or no value to others, and being resistant to throwing away objects. Hoarding is a disorder, and deserving of professional, respectful cleanup services from knowledgeable experts who treat their customers with care. For a thorough cleaning from experienced professionals with understanding of this disorder and the skills to get the job done right, count on your team at ServiceMaster Quality Restoration.

As items pile up, they can create unsafe or unhealthy conditions. Objects lying in walkways make even the daily process of moving throughout a home hazardous, and items stacked on shelves or piled high can fall and injure occupants of a home. Piles are also a fire hazard, and they can conceal further issues such as mold or a pest infestation. Our experienced team can pack out valued possessions, discard waste, clean and sanitize the space, and restore damage. Call ServiceMaster Quality Restoration for a healthy home.

Hoarding: There is Hope.

ServiceMaster Quality Restoration brings the expertise necessary to successfully resolve hoarding situations, large or small, in Charlotte and the surrounding area. Call Service Master Quality Restoration at (704) 325-6635 and speak to a trained expert who is ready to create a customized plan for your unique situation.

Hoarding Clean Up before and after

A Thorough Process From Start to Finish and Beyond

In partnership with Clutter Cleaner, ServiceMaster has developed a process that has successfully helped thousands of individuals affected by hoarding and extreme clutter. The process falls into three phases:

Phase 1: Understanding, listening, connecting.

  • We openly discuss the condition with the client, so we understand how to clean and prepare the home to stay clean after we depart.

Phase 2: Creating a plan, cleaning, sorting

  • We craft a cleanup and restoration plan that guides the entire process, from cleanup and managing the disposal or donation of unwanted items, to sanitizing and reorganizing kept items. We also provide documentation required by government agencies, insurance agents, trusts, and lawyers.

Phase 3: Family, post-clean follow-up

  • We support the individual and family to create a planto keep and maintain a clean home.

  • We also provideshort-term phone follow-upto see if the home is beingmaintained or if additional help is needed.

  • Whether we’re working with family members, atherapist, or the customer, we bring invaluable insightthat will help the entire process go smoothly andsuccessfully, with the customer always in control.