Mold Remediation

Fall Proof Your Home

As the summer months wind down and temperatures experience a short dip before taking the plunge into winter, it’s the perfect time to give your home a pre-season check-up.  Particular parts of our homes deteriorate over time and are important to regularly inspect, no matter how secondary they may seem. Sometimes the little things can […]

Four Signs that Water Damage is Causing Mold Growth in Your Home.

ServiceMaster Quality Restoration wants to make sure that your Charlotte home or business stays as safe as possible during the wet season.
 During winter, it is very common for many homes and businesses in Charlotte to experience water damage or flooding; however, what many home and business owners don’t know is that water damage, when left untreated, can be very dangerous. Water damage can often happen in the internal infrastructure of the property […]

Don’t let the holidays be ruined with mold

Autumn and winter are often the seasons have the highest rates of mold damage in homes and businesses. This is why our priority at ServiceMaster Quality Restoration is to inform you about the warning signs of mold growth in your property. In fact, the Home Service Club has identified several commons signs of mold growth:

Odor: Musty […]

Red Flags: How to Tell if Moisture is Damaging Your Home.

With the wet season on the horizon, it is important to understand the red flags that may help you determine whether your home is damaged from moisture. Although mold is a clear sign that moisture is rampant in your home, there are also other indicators that aren’t as obvious. If you have experienced the following […]