Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Now that fall is around the corner, it’s time to start taking care of some important home maintenance tasks.  It is critical to prepare your home for when cold weather hits. Taking some time to perform these simple chores will protect your most valuable asset- your home.

Fall Maintenance 

Check Your Roof

Inspect your roof to be sure it is in […]

Consequences of Dirty Air Filters

Life gets busy and as a homeowner there are things that can get overlooked around your home.  A home has to be properly maintained to be in it’s best state.  Unfortunately one of the most common home maintenance tasks that is easily forgotten is the changing of air filters.  A dirty air filter can cause […]

The Importance of Routine Carpet Cleaning

How often do you give your carpet a good cleaning? If you are like most, than you may wait until you have an important event, or clean your carpets once a year. Maybe you have never had your carpets deep cleaned. How often should you really clean your carpets? The truth is, if you want to keep […]

Dangers of Wet Drywall

If you experience water damage to your home than you may have wet drywall.  Unfortunately wet drywall is more than just an ugly stain. It can be dangerous to you and the structure of your home. Don’t ignore drywall that has gotten wet, or think you can simply paint over it. By doing so, you can create even bigger […]

Protect Yourself From Harmful Sun Rays

It’s always nice to enjoy a nice sunny day, but too much time in the sun can cause harmful effects to your body.  Ultraviolet rays are dangerous rays that are given off by the sun. They can cause skin cancer, sunburn and even eye problems.  So how can you protect yourself from these rays but […]

Avoid Water Damage While On Summer Vacation

Summer is a popular time for people to take a vacation.  As you prepare for your trip, don’t forget to protect your home before you leave.  The worst water damage can occur to a home when a homeowner is out of town.  Leaky pipes and appliances, dripping water heaters, AC leaks and frozen or bursting pipes […]

What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Home

Trees are beautiful and a stunning part of nature.  They can make your yard look majestic and give you some wonderful shade. However, trees are heavy and can cause an extensive of damage if they fall on your home. Whether it be from strong winds, storms or a diseased tree, if a tree falls on […]

Safe Firework Clean Up

Happy Birthday America! It’s time to celebrate Independence Day again.  For many people, this means fireworks.  Fireworks are a beautiful way to enjoy the Fourth of July and everyone enjoys a good sky show. Enjoy your fireworks this holiday but know to to safely clean up afterward  by following our safety tips below.
Firework Clean Up Tips

1. […]

After a Water Loss, How Long Until My Home Dries?

If you have recently experienced a water loss and your home is in the drying phase, you may be wondering how long it will take. When will your home be back to normal? Well, the amount of time that your home takes to dry out depends on a number of factors. Drying time can be […]

Warning Signs of Mold In Your Basement

What’s in your basement? For the most part, you probably know the answer to this question but what if there are things in your basement you don’t know about? Besides an unwanted pest or two, the worst thing you can have hiding in your basement is mold.  So how do you know if there is […]