Preparing for a Power Outage

With the recent storm activity, the risk for power outages occurring is high. We want you to be prepared should your power go out for an extended period of time. Depending on the severity of the storm, you will need to consider the extent that you need to prepare, but the key is that you do. We […]

Hurricane Safety

A hurricane is one of the most powerful and violent storms that occur on earth.  Did you know that hurricanes are most prone to strike from June to November? This is due to the oceans warming up during the summer months.  During these months, it is super important to know how to stay safe should […]

Why You Should Consider Flood Insurance

Following the recent devastation that Hurricane Harvey has brought, tens of thousands of people in Texas are returning to homes damaged by flooding and storm damage. The worst part is that statistics show most people do not have flood insurance, which means most of their home will not be covered. Data shows that only a […]

Understanding Fire Damage

If you have experienced a house fire, or know someone who has than you are aware of the complexity of the situation.  At ServiceMaster Restoration we understand how frustrating and difficult a time this is.

That is why we have dedicated our blog to help you understand fire damage and the restoration process.
After a fire occurs, […]

What Happens When Lightening Strikes a Home

With hurricane season at the peak from mid August to October, there is a strong chance that storms will be more prevalent this month. Even if you are not hit by a hurricane you can suffer damage from a storm. As we all know, with storms come thunder and lightening. Lightening strikes can occur anywhere […]

What To Do After A Storm Damages Your Home

The aftermath of a storm can be devastating, especially when it comes to your home. Storms can cause harm to your home in many different ways. It can be very upsetting trying to put your home back together after a bad storm. If you are facing storm damage, don’t be overwhelmed. Whether your damage is […]

How to Handle a Grease Fire

Did you know that most house fires start in the kitchen? Cooking accidents are the number one cause of fires in homes. Sometimes when you are cooking with oil, a grease fire can ignite. Grease fires are scary because they need to be handled differently than a normal fire, that is why you need to […]

5 Dangers In Your Garage

Did you know that statistics show that severe injuries and death from garage accidents are increasing? Unfortunately there are some serious dangers lurking in your garage that you may not be aware of. You can prevent these accidents from occurring by being proactive and preventative. Just by taking a few safety measures, you can ensure […]

How to Overcome a Washing Machine Overflow

Just like everything in your home, your washing machine may need attention at some point in time. As your machine ages, it can experience some issues. Instead of cleaning your clothes, your washing machine could create a big mess if it overflows.
There are several factors that could lead to an overflow but the most common […]

Black Mold, Signs and Dangers

Black mold, the dreaded term that bring panic to any homeowner. You may have heard of it and you are most likely aware that it is dangerous. However, would you know how to spot it if it was in your home and more importantly would you know what to do?

Black mold, otherwise known as stachybotrys […]