Fire & Smoke Damage

Memorial Day Grill Safety

We know that barbecues and outdoor fun may be in the works for you this Memorial Day, but at ServiceMaster Quality Restoration, it’s our job to make sure you stay safe too. Before you break out the grill or roast marshmallows over the fire, make sure you’re taking the proper steps to prevent fire damage […]

Cleaning After a Fire: It’s risky for DIYers

Rethink DIY Smoke Damage Cleanup
When you’ve experienced a disaster, we know that it may seem easier just to clean up the damage yourself after a fire. BUT BEWARE! If you’re into DIY cleaning, call an expert and stay away from doing it yourself:

THERE ARE HEALTH RISKS! It’s not safe to stick around your home if you’ve had a […]

Preparing your Fireplace for Winter

Although Charlotte may not be freezing this winter (but we’re still dreaming of a White Christmas!), it is still important to take the proper precautions with all gas and wood-burning appliances in your home to prepare for colder weather. ServiceMaster Quality Restoration believes that the best remedy for fire damage is fire prevention – all […]

The Importance of Home Fire Safety

With all of the cooking, Jack-O-Lanterns, decorations and festivities during fall and winter, your home might be more prone to experiencing a fire. At ServiceMaster Quality Restoration, we believe it is extremely important for you and your family to be prepared for a fire, which is why we have created this checklist of to-dos to […]

Too Much “Stuff” is a Serious Fire Hazard.

Hoarding can be caused by various stressors in someone’s life; however, its effects are almost always devastating, and they often pose a threat to overall home safety. One of the most prominent safety hazards that comes with hoarding disorder is risk of home fires.

The New York Times published an article about the seriousness of hoarding as […]

The Four Most Costly Home Disasters in Charlotte.

What are the costliest damages that are likely to happen to your Charlotte property? Well, Allstate sat down and figured this out – for each zip code in North Carolina. Keep in mind that any home or business is susceptible to these cantankerous catastrophes, which is why ServiceMaster Quality Restoration is ready to help 24/7.

Fire: The […]

Grilling Safety Tips

With summer now at its peak, I bet you’re using your grill often.

At ServiceMaster Quality Restoration in Charlotte, NC, we’ve seen it all. Even the most innocent of activities like grilling could lead to an unexpected disaster.  Keep in the mind the following tips and keep your home and family safe all summer long.

Grilling Safety […]

Stand By Your Pan

Did you know cooking is the main cause of home fires and fire injuries? According to FEMA, most cooking fires start when someone is frying food.

At ServiceMaster Quality Restoration in Charlotte, NC, we restore your home or business from fire damage and smoke damage. With a few preventative measures, you can avoid the heartache of […]