Appliance Safety Tips

Did you know that May is National Electrical Safety Month? According to the National Fire Protections Association, more than half of house fires are caused by electrical problems every year. Home appliances are the top culprit when it comes to an electrical fire. Appliances can cause huge safety issues if not maintained properly. We want […]

Ways to Cut Cooling Costs This Summer

Summer is almost here and by now you have probably already started using your air conditioner. As the heat outside is turning up, you will be turning your AC down. Running your air conditioner can get expensive in the warmer months. That is why we want to give you some ways you can keep your […]

Grilling Safety

The days are longer now and the weather is warming up. Now is the perfect time to spend your nights grilling on your back patio. In fact, grilling has become so popular that many Americans grill year-round now. Before firing up your grill, be prepared by following some of our safety tips. Our tips will get […]

Toilet Overflow? What Should You Do?

Homeowner emergencies are bound to occur at some point, but oh, the dreaded toilet overflow is one that no homeowner wants to deal with. Not only does it create a nasty mess, but it can cause water damage to your home if not stopped in time. Don’t worry, we have all you need to know […]

Common Causes of an AC Leak

Keeping your air conditioning unit in prime condition is crucial. Now that spring has begun and summer is quickly approaching you want to be sure your AC is working at its best. Unfortunately, your AC can become overworked during warmer months which can lead to a variety of issues, one of them being a leak. AC […]

Planning a Vacation? How to Keep Your Home Safe While Away

Warm weather is here and many of you are finally taking that long-awaited vacation. Don’t let the excitement of your trip make you an easy target for theft. Peak travel time has begun and studies show that most home break ins occur during the spring and summer season. Just by taking a few simple precautions, […]

Top Five Home Safety Checks

If you are like most people, you probably spend a lot of time in your home. Your home is your safe place and keeping it that way is of utmost importance. Just by taking some extra steps you can ensure that your home is safe every day. Don’t risk placing yourself or your loved ones […]

What to do if you Experience a Broken Pipe

When you have been in your home or business for some time, there are certain emergencies that are bound to occur. Unfortunately, broken pipes can be one of these. Broken pipes are one of the most common culprits of water damage. A broken pipe that is not taken care of properly can cause serious damage to […]

5 Signs of Mold in Your Home

Is mold hiding in your home? Could you have a possible mold problem and not even know? Not one person would wish this nasty fungus in their home, unfortunately sometimes mold in your home cannot be seen or easily found. Sadly, mold can grow in places that are hidden. Areas such as as in between […]

Your Guide to Spring Cleaning

Despite the recent dip in the temperature it won’t be long before spring weather is here. The weather will be warming up, flowers will be blooming and windows will be opening.  Now is the time to give your home that top to bottom cleaning that it deserves.  Don’t get overwhelmed with the thought of cleaning […]