Why You Should NOT Use Bleach to Kill Mold

Mold is an issue that every homeowner wants to avoid.  Not only can it be dangerous to your health but it can be costly to get rid of. You may wonder if you can do the remediation yourself and if so, what cleaners you should use. If you scour the internet, one of the first things […]

Four Easy Fixes For Your Air Conditioner

The minute your air stops working is usually when you need it the most. Air conditioning systems won’t last forever but everyone wants their air conditioning to work efficiently during the months we need them. Luckily, there are some common issues that you can troubleshoot before giving up on your system. You may be […]

Back to School Safety

School is back in session and now is the perfect time for parents to go over school safety rules with their children. To help your kids from being harmed during the school year, consider discussing the following tips. 

Back to School Safety Tips For Students

If your child rides the bus, walk them to the bus […]

Eliminate Pet Odors

There is no doubt our furry friends make life better, but they can also make houses messy and even smelly.  From hair on your couch to accidents on your floors, your pets can leave your home smelling less than perfect. Eliminate bad odors and keep your home smelling fresh and clean with the following methods.

Tackle Smells

Bad odor can […]

Protect Your Bathroom From Water Damage

Bathrooms use a lot of water and there is a good chance that at some point water will get into walls and floors. Bathrooms are also a number one culprit when it comes to home water disasters. Follow our tips to prevent water from causing mold or damage to your bathroom that can lead to costly […]

Ways to Prevent Heatstroke

Summer days are a lot of fun but the summer sun can reach some pretty high temperatures. Extreme heat can be dangerous and cause serious health issues such as heat stroke. Follow our summer heat safety tips to help protect yourself and your family so that you can enjoy the sunshine.Heatstroke can happen when you’ve […]

How to Protect Your Vacation Home

A vacation home is a wonderful place to make lifelong memories and unwind from the daily grind of life. However, because you are not at your vacation home year-round, you want to be sure it is protected even when you aren’t there. The last thing any vacation homeowner wants is something to happen while they […]

How to Prepare For a Tropical Storm

With tropical storms making landfall it’s important to be prepared. Tropical storms and hurricanes bring strong winds and rain that can cause heavy damage and flooding. Follow our tips to keep your family safe and prepared before and during a storm.

Create a Safety Kit

Experts say you should have enough water, food, and supplies for at […]

Fourth of July Safety

It’s almost time to celebrate America’s independence. The fourth of July is full of fun activities, family, and friends. Because, we know it’s easy to become distracted with a lot going on around you, we have put together a few tips to keep you safe. 

Grilling Safety Tip

Always grill outside, never grill in an enclosed […]

Apartment Fire Safety

If you live in an apartment, you need to think and plan ahead in the case of a fire. Unfortunately, fires can spread very quickly in an apartment building so it is important to be aware of your surroundings. It is also very beneficial to work together with the people who live around you to […]